Latin American Media Highlight Today Significance of Fidel Castro

Havana, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) News media and personalities of the continent continue highlighting today the significance of Fidel Castro for the region, the multitudinary good-bye of his people and the funeral service of the historic leader whose decease is not only mourned in Cuba but in many other parts of the world.

Argentinean media reflect today the multitudinary farewell and funeral of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, closely followed since his passing on November 25.

Argentinean people, those identified with the ideas of Fidel went out to weep his death in front of the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires, which decided to extend this weekend the opening of the book of condolences signed by hundreds of persons during last week.

A report published today in daily Pagina 12, renowned intellectual and journalist Martin Granovsky, from Santiago de Cuba reported the speech delivered last night by president Raul Castro in an overwhelming ceremony attended, among others, by Evo Morales, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Dilma Rousseff and many other leaders not only from this continent, but also from Africa.

Meanwhile in La Paz, Bolivia, the Minister of Economy Luis Arce said to Prensa Latina that Fidel Castro represents the Latin American revolution, he was a man who persevered and achieved his objectives base don maintaining his principles and values.

Arce hightlighted that Fidel Castro was a man with a great vision and destined significant resources to the development of health and educational sectors, two priorities for human beings.

He recalled that in difficult moments, when the socialist bloc disappeared, he succeeded to carry the country forward acting with intelligence and without renouncing his principles.

‘For us he is an example to follow and we are going to remember him by building this new socialist homeland in Bolivia’, he said.

Meanwhile, for musician and composer Alvaro Adel Flores, Fidel represents liberty, sovereignty and resistance in face of the empire.

Flores is the author of the song ‘I am Fidel’, who composed it the same day that in the Revolutionary Square in Havana hundreds of thousands of persons rendered their last homage to their Commander in Chief.

In Quito, the secretary of the communist youth front of Ecuador, Eduardo Vázquez, assured Prensa Latina that Fidel ‘is the referent of our America and for Ecuador for all times. He taught us that to defeat the giant one does not have to be of the same height, but to have dignity, bravery and to not give in’.

Vazquez was one of the over a thousand Ecuadorians who visited the Embassy of Havana in Quito, to render tribute to the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, who passed away last November 25.


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