Latin American Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba Completes Program

Havana, Aug 9 ( Prensa Latina) The 26th Latin American Voluntary Work Brigade in Solidarity with Cuba concludes its work program on the island this Friday, to which it expressed its support against the US blockade.

Made up of some hundred activists, the Brigade supports the Cuban Revolution in the face of Washington’s attempts to strangle the Caribbean island through a tightened economic, financial and commercial blockade, impost for the past six decades.

The brigadistas come from Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Martinique, El Salvador and Ecuador.

They will bid farewell to the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp, in the province of Mayabeque, after having toured several Cuban provinces and participated in Bayamo, in the east, in the national act for the Day of National Rebellion.

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, host of the brigade, summoned its members to participate in the continental meeting of solidarity, for democracy and against neoliberalism in Havana, from November 1 to 3, Radio Reloj reported.


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