Latin America strengthens surveillance, confronts Covid -19

Havana, Mar 2 (Prensa Latina) The Latin American and Caribbean authorities continue today to apply the protocols for the control and confrontation of Covid-19, a virus that began in China.

In Brazil, the number of people suspected of the new coronavirus has increased to 252 and 89 cases have already been ruled out, but two previous infections in the state of Sao Paulo were confirmed in people from Italy.

In Panama, prevention plans are being prepared for the possible entry of the disease into the country, while working because travelers from areas where the virus has already been reported respect the 14-day isolation imposed as a precaution.

About 2,500 people were quarantined and 20 cases were tested negative for Covid-19, confirming the absence of the disease in the country, where only 16 million people transit through the airport in the capital every year.

Meanwhile, Ecuador is now following the protocols and recommendations indicated by the World Health Organization to treat the six people confirmed with Covid-19 and prevent an increase in cases.

An epidemiological surveillance is also being maintained on 177 people who came into contact with the primary case, a 71-year-old woman, who presented symptoms days after arriving in the city of Guayaquil from Spain.

Five of the patient’s family members tested positive for mild symptoms and are under house quarantine and specialized monitoring.

Mexico daily reports the progress of Covid-19 in the country, which remains stable with no new cases, said today the undersecretary of health prevention, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

In updating the situation throughout the country, the official said that five confirmed cases remain, one of them a carrier without the disease, adding that a young girl of 18 years of Chiapas was infected in Italy, but is asymptomatic, is kept under surveillance.

The Dominican Republic confirmed its first case of the coronavirus the day before, a tourist from Italy who is in isolation at a military hospital near the capital, Santo Domingo.

Meanwhile, the Caribbean Community (Caricom) is managing a surveillance and minimum standards protocol to prevent an outbreak in the region in the face of the threat of the Covid-19 virus.


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