Klobuchar leads bill to lift Cuban trade embargo

BrownfieldAppImage[1]A U.S. Senator is urging lawmakers to join her in lifting the Cuba trade embargo.

Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is leading the Freedom to Export to Cuba Act and says agriculture will benefit from further normalized trade with that country.

“The Minnesota Department of Agriculture believes we could get up to $40 to $50 million dollars in exports (just for Minnesota) by lifting the trade embargo.”

Klobuchar says the bill is building momentum.

“I think people would’ve thought this would be impossible just two years ago, but right now there’s a lot of momentum.  If it happens at the end of this year or next year…my prediction is within the next two years we will lift that trade embargo.”

She tells Brownfield opportunities abound for U.S. ag products in Cuba.

“I can tell you they need turkey, they need chickens, they need corn, they need soybeans.”

Klobuchar says the Cuban government has even built a new port for agricultural exports in Mariel to replace the antiquated Port of Havanna.

The Freedom to Export to Cuba Act would repeal current legal restrictions against doing business with Cuba, including the authorization establishing the trade embargo.

The bill has 22 co-sponsors, including Al Franken of Minnesota, Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin.

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