Justice Minister Stresses Female Presence in Cuban By-Election

More than eight million Cuban citizens are able to vote, 63,400 of them aged 16 or more will do it for the first time.

According to the schedule, the ballotage is set for Apr 26 in those places where the necessary amount of votes was not reached by one candidate.

  • In Cuba, elections are established by the Constitution and all citizens over 16 years may vote, unless they are included in cases of disability listed by the Constitution itself and the Electoral Law.
  • The Electoral Law says that all individuals living permanently in Cuba for no less than a two-year period before elections will have full right to the vote.
  • The electoral polling stations are located in 12,589 electoral districts and today’s vote is monitored by 188,988 electoral authorities.

There are 27,379 candidates, whose election was carried out in each electoral district between February 24 and March 25, while only one candidate of those listed on the voting paper can be polled.

Written by Prensa Latina, Radio Cubana

April 20, 2015

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