Juan Guaido Stars Venezuela’s Biggest Corruption Case Ever

Lawmaker Juan Guaido facing local media, Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 2020.
Lawmaker Juan Guaido facing local media, Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @Unionradionet

The U.S.-backed opposition politician is involved in a US$116 billion damage to the Venezuelan people.

Feb 15 (teleSUR) Venezuela’s Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez Saturday presented new evidence on a series of corruption acts in which the U.S.-backed opposition lawmaker Juan Gaido is the main protagonist.

Rodriguez unveiled a corruption case linking Guaido with Alejandro Betancourt-Lopez, who faces trials for laundering US$1.2 billion in the United States and US$4 billion in Europe.

Since the opposition lawmaker has repeatedly denied having ties with such a businessman, Rodriguez showed photos of a meeting held in the Alamin castle (Spain) which was attended by Betancourt-Lopez, Juan Guaido’s father, and Rudy Giuliani, who is President Donald Trump’s lawyer.

Minister Rodriguez recalled that some details of this information had been previously published by Reuters and CNN​​​​​​, although the press would appear not to show that plot of personal connections.

Nevertheless, “we will insist on the denunciation of the greatest plot of corruption that Venezuela’s history has known,” he said and highlighted that mainstream private media hide “Guaido’s brutal robbery. They still have a hard time holding back the stench of so much rot.”

teleSUR English@telesurenglish · Feb 15, 2020

#LIVE | #Venezuela‘s Communication Minister @jorgerpsuv: “It is not a struggle for power that Juan Guaido does. It is a fight for the money they give him. This is the most gigantic case of corruption in Venezuela.”

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teleSUR English@telesurenglish

#LIVE | #Venezuela‘s Communication Minister @jorgerpsuv: “The collaborators of Juan Guaido and Leopoldo Lopez have several lawsuits and unjustified money in several countries of the world.”

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Alejandro Betancourt-Lopez, who is the cousin of the opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez, would have financed “Popular Will”, the right-wing party from which Guaido separated on January 5, once the businessman’s ​​​​​​​dealings became internationally known.​​​​​​​

“Guaido, videos of your dad talking to you, videos of Betancourt-Lopez talking to you, and videos of you speaking wonders of Betancourt Lopez, are going to be leaked,” Rodriguez said.

The Bolivarian Minister also indicated that his country has sued the U.S. government for “the theft of our foreign assets and bank deposits… The looting equals up to US$116 billion.”​​​​​​​

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