Jose Marti Solidarity Association Condemns Campaign against Cuba

Beirut, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Jose Marti Arab-Latin American Solidarity Association on Thursday condemned the US campaign against Cuba with which Washington tries to discredit the Caribbean nation.

The Beirut-based organization recalled that contrary to Washington’s interests, the Cuban Revolution has a prominent place among peace-loving people, defenders of sovereignty and justice.

In a statement sent to Prensa Latina, the solidarity association recalled the possibility offered by Cuba to thousands of young Arabs to study and graduate in universities for free.

In such a way, that the Cuban people have been, are and will always be an example of selfless and internationalist solidarity, so our support against the plans forged by the United States is invariable, says the note.

These attacks cannot and can never destabilize a nation that remains united in the face of counterrevolutionary plans such as the one organized in recent days at one of the UN sessions.

There, the text stands out, there was an expression of the values of the new Cuban generation that responded to a US project and the Organization of American States to accuse Cuba of violating human rights.

The solidarity association took the opportunity to condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.

The document stated that this condemnation is sustained by the Arab peoples and especially those who are victims of terrorism, aggressions or occupation such as Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, among others.

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