Jamaica’s political alliance rejects US policy towards Cuba

Kingston, Jan 13 (Prensa Latina) The Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism of Jamaica joined on Wednesday the international rejection of Cuba’s inclusion in the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

On its Twitter account, that political organization stated that ‘the failed Trump administration has not suffered enough embarrassment, so it continues to talk nonsense, even as it implodes in its final days,’ in response to a posting by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Likewise, the organization ratified its solidarity with Cuba, and asked ‘which ones of those look like terrorists to you?’ in reference to a photo montage showing Cuban medical brigades on one side and US President Donald Trump’s gun-toting supporters on the other.

Pompeo announced on Monday in a statement the decision to include Cuba in the list of nations that sponsor terror.

Cuba had been excluded from that group in 2015, during the process of rapprochement with Washington in Barack Obama’s second term (2009-2017).

After Pompeo’s announcement, members of the US Senate, activists of the ‘Alianza Martiana’ in that nation, European legislators, presidents, regional integration blocs, political scientists, parties from different countries, among other personalities and institutions, expressed their condemnation of that inclusion.


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