Italian Company Highlights Potential of Cuban Market

Havana May 24 (Prensa Latina) The Italian company Farma Venda, which has been in Cuba for more than four decades, highlighted today the potential of the insular market despite the blockade imposed by Washington on Havana.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina in the context of the 2nd Food Fair 2.0, the company’s general director, Vittoria Comini, explained that the entity she leads has a turnover of one hundred percent with the Caribbean island, and also said she appreciates many business potentialities, despite the damage caused by the blockade.

Comini pointed out the main effects are associated with finance, because it prevents them from carrying out banking operations with the banks in the northern nation, and it is even reflected in Italian banks, however, in one way or another they carry out the necessary operations.

The General Director also remarked they represent Italian or European firms which do not have ties with the United States. Shipments of goods depart from Italian or European ports to avoid difficulties in the delivery and supply of goods.

In this sense, the company’s technical and commercial advisor, Carlo Capanucci, explained that in order to avoid any punishment related to the aforementioned siege, the company resorted to changing some important European and Italian suppliers due to market demands, because they have commercial interests in the United States or because they were bought by transnationals from the northern country.

In such situations, the company decided to select suppliers that did not have any kind of relationship with U.S. companies in order to ensure after-sales assistance for the products, Capanucci stressed.

Despite the pressures, Farma Venda is growing, Capanuci added. It already has offices in Spain and Switzerland, and soon in the Czech Republic, a way to extend its possibilities, without being affected by the US siege and be able to supply inputs to Cuba.

In general, Farma Venda is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and food industries, agriculture, and supplies for stores, waste treatment and other areas.

Farma Venda works in the food industry with supplies of complete plants such as Prodal’s sausage industry; Labiofam’s yogurt industry; a hot dog factory in the process of installation in the central province of Sancti Spiritus; and they are planning another factory related to the meat industry.

In short, over the past four decades the company has installed dozens of plants in the food industry, Capanucci assured.

Besides, they have already set up three waste treatment plants in the Special Development Zone of Mariel and are planning to set up others, as well as collaborating with the military industry and in the assortment of equipment.

Farma Venda’s wide spectrum of business in Cuba is possible thanks to an exclusive project office for Cuba located in Italy and covering several manufacturers in sectors of interest.

According to Capanucci, they are trying that exchange with Cuba is efficient and effective and contribute to the substitution of imports.

The 2nd International Fair of Food, Beverages and Food Technology of Cuba concludes today in this capital with the attendance of some 102 exhibitors from 22 countries and the participation of some 70 foreign companies.

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