Italian Association Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Prensa Latina

Rome, June 9 (Prensa Latina) Friendship Association in Italy has organized several actions to celebrate Prensa Latina’s 60th anniversary. Among those, the first cultural activity concluded on Sunday enjoying an evening of Cuban music, gastronomy and typical dances.

The celebration was held within the framework of the show ‘Aperi Son’ presented by the international sponsor of Cuban culture Timbalaye, with the co-sponsorship, in this opportunity, of the National Association of Friendship Italy-Cuba.

The all-nighter is held in La Fattorieta, a country social center located on the top of a hill near Via Gregorio 7th, very close to the Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica, whose Michelangelo’s illuminated dome integrated the natural background.

Ulises Mora and Irma Castillo, President and Artistic Director of Timbalaye, were the presenters and the show’s main protagonists during which they taught a dance lesson on the son, one of the primary musical genres of Cuba to which many were interested in learning it.

Both artists who have belonged to the ‘Hermanos Saiz Association’ and residents in Italy for a quarter of a century, emotionally exalted the role of Prensa Latina ahead of ‘communicational colonization’ fostered by the great media monopolies since the agency’s foundation on June 16, 1959.

On June 18 is scheduled another tribute to Prensa Latina on its 60th anniversary arranged by the Cuban Embassy in Italy and on July 25 a whole day is going to be dedicated to the role of the news agency at the Milan Latin Festival, an annual event held in that northern Italian city.


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