Ireland’s MPs demand an end to US blockade against Cuba

Dublin, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) The Group of friendship with Cuba in the Oireachtas demanded the end of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the country for almost 60 years, diplomatic sources informed on Monday.

Ireland’s lawmakers and senators denounced the damage caused by Washington to Cuba with the application of over 200 sanctions and condemned Cuba’s inclusion in a list of countries sponsoring terrorism drawn up by the Trump administration.

Likewise, the parliamentarians demanded through a communiqué to the government of Ireland to express its disagreement with those aggressions and to request the United States to make immediate changes in its foreign policy.

The document was signed by Senator Paul Gavan and MPs Thomas Pringle, Chris Andrews, Pa Daly, Catherin Connolly, Sean Crowe and Gino Kenny.

Pringle, who serves as the group’s coordinator, criticized the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba during the Covid-19 pandemic, which he called immoral and politically unacceptable.

‘In the current context, we need a spirit of cooperation, multilateralism and solidarity, which Cuba has demonstrated for decades and, especially now, with the sending of the Henry Reeve Medical Contingent to other nations,’ he noted.

Meanwhile, Gavan, senator and member of the Sinn Fein party, considered that ‘the policy of sanctions and the attempt to isolate Cuba were never justified, and their tightening under the Trump regime represents the worst kind of imperialist bullying.’

‘US President Joe Biden should usher in a new era of constructive dialogue and begin the process of normalizing relations. I will continue to raise this issue in the Council of Europe,’ he indicated.


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