Iowa Farm Bureau President Wants Cuban Trade Embargo Lifted

Today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is scheduled to meet with Cuba’s Ag Minister in Iowa. He’s hoping that will pressure Congress to fully lift the trade embargo the U.S. has on the island nation. Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill says Cuba could be an even greater customer of U.S. ag products if the embargo is lifted.

Secretary Vilsack says he wants Cuba’s Ag Minister to know that Iowa represents a diversified agricultural economy similar to one that he can help develop in Cuba.

Hill says Cuba needs more ag technology and fertilizer as well as money to develop its ag industry. Hill says it’s time to lift the embargo and he thinks Vilsack’s visit with Cuba’s ag leader can help that happen.

Hill sees real potential in the Cuban market as it’s only 90 miles off the U.S. coast and has 11 million people in need of more and better food.

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