Investments in Cuban Energy and Mining will Increase in 2016

Havana, Cuba, Mar 10.- Cuba’s Energy and Mining Ministry (MINEM) announced on Tuesday in Havana that the number of investments in the industrial sector will increase by the end of this year with a total superior to one billion pesos.

The figure is slightly higher than the previous year and the main actions are directed to the renewable energy resources, prospection and oil extraction and the energy efficiency in the nickel company in the town of Moa, Holguin province, said Ruben Javier Cid Carbonel, Deputy Minister of the institution.

One of the investments will be executed in the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Company whose technologic project is based in the so called Caron process.

Despite its high electric consumption it has its advantages compared to other processes.

The other entity in Holguin is the Commander Pedro Soto Alba factory operated by the joint venture company Moa Nickel S.A., is using the acid oxide technology.

Juan Ruiz Quintana, General Director of the MINEM, announced the upcoming conclusion of the sulfuric acid plant designed in the industry itself which will produce two thousand tons of the agent each day as a separator during the extraction of nickel and cobalt.

He added that they expect a productive growth by the end of the year in the two factories that are high consumers of oil.

This will save over one million dollars a week according to Carlos Iglesias Fernandez, director of the project.

One can obtain three tons of acid for every ton of sulfur generating benefits associated to 42 million pesos each year.

Eliminating the import of the acid is equivalent to over 55 percent of the current consumption which is at about one million tons a year.(acn)

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