Intervention in Venezuela Could Be a New US Defeat in Latin America

By Daimarelys Perez Martinez, La Paz, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia’s Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramon Quintana, argues Friday that the Bay of Pigs heroic deed could rebound like a boomerang if the United States unleashes a military intervention in Latin America.

After a master lecture on the solidarity act called Venezuela under fire, Quintana made statements to Prensa Latina and said the current situation in the South American nation leads us to reflect on the outrageous attitude of imperialism.

‘We cannot, as Che said, give even a little bit to the empire, because that little bit we give it, will serve as a pretext to crush, humiliate and destroy us’, the Minister said.

Regarding the humanitarian aid carried and brought, Quintana pointed out that if the United States and its allies intervene militarily in that country, there is a high probability of turning the conflict into a new Bay of Pigs, as happened in 1961 on the Cuban beach.

If this happens, it is for sure that Bay of Pigs will multiply one hundred-fold, because the Latin American peoples assume freedom and independence, and we also learned to express our dignity and sovereignty, he clarified.

Therefore, this absurd adventure will mean for the right wing, boosted by Donald Trump’s government, what it has not cost it in Syria or Libya; there will cost in the region, as Commander Guevara also said, many Vietnams, and the North Americans will taste the dust of defeat facing our peoples, he added.

Surrendering space to the right means surrendering to the empire, he remarked; these right-wing conservative political forces stand up thanks to a shameful dependence on Washington, he condemned.

The adepts – one would also say addicts – to the great power ‘have neither ideas, nor programs, nor goals, and they are like animals lost in the mountains needing the voice of the master’, he defined.

Quintana dressed up these right-wing political actors as puppets and quoted self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido, who now seems to be hanging like a pendulum in three conditions.

The 35-year-old MP can only attempt to be led by the northern capital, placing himself in an unfavorable position; faced with such a dilemma many will ask if Guaido is driven, confused or bored.

We have to reflect on our Creole political castes, said the Bolivian Minister of the Presidency.

He also added that these leaders who represent Guaido and with less than 100,000 votes intend to be presidents of a republic controlled by the United States.

What kind of ruler can he be without popular support and then accepts in an indecorous way orders to move that conspiracy apparatus against a nation project, or intends to lead a fratricidal confrontation between his own brothers, analyzed the executive.

Those political subjects cannot stop us, because we have accumulated, through the memory of our ancestors, collective intelligence and ideological strength, Quintana concluded.


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