International Symposium on Brain Death Opens in Cuba

Havana, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) The dilemmas about the end of life raise interest here today at the opening of 7th International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness, attended by specialists from 10 countries.

Considered one of the oldest events in the field of neuroscience in Cuba, involves researchers from Mexico, Ecuador, Austria, Spain, the UK, Italy, China and the United States.

The program of the opening day includes the conference “Who decides when we die?”, by a group of scientists from the United States, inspired by the case of a young woman there, Jahi McMatch, which generated controversy over the medical procedures.

The normalization of brain functions, as well as new methods of digital signal processing, are added to the proposals of the theoretical program.

Sponsored by the Cuban Society of Clinical Neurophysiology and the Ministry of Public Health, the event, which will take place until Saturday, includes discussions on coma, the vegetative state, the legal, philosophical and theological aspects, among the most significant issues.


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