International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism in Cuba Begins

Havana.- The 10th International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism started today with around 70 reporting agents from 12 countries to look at the new trends about this topic, mostly in Latin America.

Scheduled from June 22 to 26, the first three days are devoted to the talks taking place in the International Institute of Journalism José Martí in Havana, a house of studies that has tradition in preparing courses to help communicators in their professional growth.

The Tourism Press from the Association of Cuban Journalists (Unión de Periodistas de Cuba) prepared this time an event in which take part experts from 12 countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, Panama, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, the United States and the host country.

The journalist and head of the organizing committee Hilda Prieto declared that are over 20 Cuban colleagues that are present in the event, coming from provinces and the main Cuban destinations for tourists.

Among the subjects: the new investment and business opportunities in Cuba for tourism, the perspectives on the Cuba- USA Relations, Sabor con Arte (Flavor with Art) about the impact of cooking and the digital elements in tourism.

Also, there are other subjects treated such as the sustainable handling of the cultural heritage, a presentation about Holguín and another called Coffee Cultural Landscape: World Heritage Site, by the Colombian delegation.

In addition, there will be tours around Havana to places such as the Rum Museum, Tropicana and also to Varadero.

This edition has been the one with more attendance due to the experience exchanges, the new professional links and the development of the entertainment industry in Cuba.

Written by PL,

June 22, 2015

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