International Forum in Cuba Calls for Peace and Solidarity

Havana, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis and Latin American political leaders called for peace and solidarity among nations within the 4th International Conference on World Balance, a forum celebrating its second day in Havana Tuesday.

The Supreme Pontiff called for these days of fruitful work and reflection in the commissions of the Convention Palace meeting to produce results of understanding and discussion for the pursuit of an increasingly fraternal civilization.

Francis, in a message to the conference to be held until Thursday, pointed out that it is easy to see how the various world events have significantly contributed to endangering the current balance of civilization.

He added that, for this reason, good men should join together and meet in such events, in a context of plurality, to achieve authentic human development.

The Pope also encouraged the search for effective alternatives to the thinking of the Cuban hero Jose Marti and expressed his desire to foster the lessons of the teacher and writer, the National Hero of Cuba.

On the other hand, the National Secretary of International Relations of the Workers’ Party of Brazil, Monica Valente, referred to the relevance in these moments of a firm and lasting regional peace for the achievement of the objectives in the social order.

In addition, the executive secretary of the Sao Paulo Forum, reaffirmed the need for cooperation and integration among peoples, to confront greater political interference and domination of the United States against Latin America and the Caribbean.

The 4th International Conference for the World Balance is being held as part of the commemoration of Jose Marti’s birthday ( January 28, 1853 – May 19, 1895), and its aim is to unite wills to contribute, through dialogue, to strengthening ties of fraternity among nations.

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