International Festival of Women’s Theater Culminates in Cuba

Havana, Jun 10 (Prensa Latina) The 8th edition of the International Festival of Women’s Theater closes its curtains today in this capital with a taste of renewal and creativity that paid homage to the women playwrights of this era.

Under the title The writing of ‘she’ makes a difference, the event led to the unification of women that work the genre worldwide and the ways of inserting them into the universe of that expression.

Cuba organized the meeting together with Italy, a country that gathers a wide presence of creators, who through an online network are looking for a way to establish the contest in each of their nations today.

The encounter was attended by 14 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Spain, along with Cuba and Italy as promoters.

For Alina Narciso, artistic and general director of the festival, the event became a way to make visible the work of women, ‘not only that of the playwrights, but also the work of all the creators, whether they are directors, actresses, writers because as a whole they form an important link to boost the theater scene industry,’ she remarked. The International Festival of Women’s Theater is a contest, likewise, at a global level, articulated in several phases of formalization and with a court, in addition to the informative part of the call.

Narciso said that the process consists in selecting the winning works, after articulating them in different stages, and later those that obtain prizes are translated and published.

She also thanked the possibility of being in Cuba because, according to her, ‘it is a sector mostly occupied by men; we are carriers of points of view and ways of seeing life differently which unites us and diversifies us,’ she stressed.

The event was born in Barcelona in 1999 in collaboration with the General Society of Authors and Publishers of Spain, and there are now many women in the world who participate in the biennial event.

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