Intensive Electoral Campaign in Venezuela

Caracas, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) The candidates running in the presidential elections in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are involved in an intensive campaign nationwide in search for the people’s votes.

According to the latest poll by Hinterlaces, two of three Venezuelans will go to the polls to elect the new president for the 2019-2025 term.

On Tuesday night, on the program Dando y Dando broadcast by Venezolana de Television, Hinterlaces Director Oscar Schemel said that three of ten opposition supporters will exercise their right to vote, which represents an advantage for the Homeland’s Front candidate, Nicolas Maduro, because 90 percent of his followers will participate in the presidential elections on May 20.

Schemel noted that among the president’s advantages is that his message is a safe path because it is more transcendental in terms of the electoral message, ‘to preserve the gains instead of waiting for other achievements’.

He added that the strategy by the opposition candidate, Henri Falcon, is unwise, because he is calling for a punishment vote, which is the most primitive vote, in addition to ‘not promising anything, save dollarization, which is inconstant in his discourse.’

‘Henri Falcon’s first political task should have been to dissipate the ambiguity of his political stance. He is appealing to rage, which is a primitive emotion and vote (…) Negative emotional charges usually do not mobilize,’ he stressed.

For his part, Javier Bertucci is right in his political proposal, because he offers hope, but appeals to emotions, and bets on conciliation, Schemel concluded.

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