Intense Music Week Concludes in Cuba

Havana, Mar 27 (Prensa Latina) The Havana World Music festival (HWM) continues today in its last day of presentations. A dozen artists from nine countries will participate in the last day of an exceptional music week in the Cuban archipelago.

Last March 18, several Cuban artists, including Eme Alfonso, Lizzy, Hector Tellez Jr, Zule War, Maria Luna Alfonso and Nelson Labrada, offered a tribute concert to British music.

With the support of the British Embassy in Havana, the musical celebration also became a pretext for conferences, as well as screenings of British documentaries and films.

The music week began in Cuban Art Factory (FAC) and later was extended to other cultural centers like El Submarino Amarillo (Yellow Submarine cultural center) and the Bertolt Brecht cultural center.

The Fototeca de Cuba exhibited rock star photos by the renowned photographer Jill Furmanovsky. This exhibition was a prelude to the concert offered by The Rolling Stones, the first presentation of the rock group in Cuba and the closing concert of the America Latina Olé tour.

The presentation of The Rolling Stones was one of the most intense experiences especially for the public who attended the Ciudad Deportiva where the stage was located.

This weekend marks the 3rd edition of HWM, which has become one of the most popular musical events of Cuba.

Both the closing ceremony of the British music week and the HWM will take place at the Cuban Art Factory.


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