Impact of US Blockade against Venezuela Denounced

Ankara, May 17 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan ambassador to Turkey, José Bracho Reyes, today denounced the consequences of the US blockade against the South American nation, during a keynote address to the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of the Middle East .

Under the title ‘Venezuela, present and future of sovereignty in Latin America,’ the diplomat made a historical review of the dispute between his country and the United States, which he explained from the so-called Monroe doctrine (‘America for the Americans ‘) and the opposite posed by Simón Bolívar, who sought Latin American unity, to the present day.

Bracho pointed out the illegality, according to the international legislation, which supposes the criminal unilateral blockade imposed by the United States on his country, and explained the scope of sanctions that seriously harm the people.

Around 5.47 billion dollars belonging to Venezuela are blocked in different international financial institutions,’ he said, adding that the function of these resources ‘is to buy food, medicines and basic supplies for the Venezuelan people.’ 

Prior to the conference, Bracho met with the team of the Turkey Strategic Thinking Center to coordinate the publishing of a special issue on Venezuela, regional geopolitics and consequences of the blockade imposed by the United States government.


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