Humor Festival Aquelarre Conquers Art of Making People Laugh in Cuba

Havana, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Humour Festival with national category, Aquelarre, conquers today the art of making people laugh, with which it fulfills the axiom of love is paid with love, valid for any sphere of life.

According to the director of the Center for the Promotion of Humor, Luis Enrique (Kike) Quiñonez, in an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the importance of doing the Aquelarre lies precisely in making a curatorship which respects the criteria of the public, but also the opinion of specialists.

It is them, as jurors and experts, who select a type of work to give it references to the public, the humorist stressed.

Alluding to the types of shows, Quiñonez said he disagreed with certain categories such as intelligent humor or, on the contrary, limited or ineffective.

I don’t like the intelligent condition very much because humor needs thought and elaboration; and on the other hand, we saw in the theoretical event how there was a significant separation between comedy and humor, he added.

A German philosopher said that humour is the sublime in comedy, therefore, this expression represents art and comedy, daily life; not everyone can be a humorist, the actor remarked.

Quiñonez referred to the moment in which he considers this expression is in, which, like the rest of them, has avant-garde, but also less prominent sides and dark places.

I believe those who march on that rope of the artistic avant-garde are always one step ahead, and although they generally involve fewer people in their membership, they continue to be the outpost of a movement, the actor reiterated.

In Cuba we enjoy a humorous union with a very high level, perhaps with a segment more visible than another as far as the general audience is concerned, but definitely avant-garde, the actor and artistic director concluded.

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