Humanism in Work of Cuban Hisotrian Eusebio Leal Highlighted

Havana, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) The huge work of Eusebio Leal in order to investigate and restore all possible things about the Cuban capital, Havana, is centered on human beings, assured here Adolfo Rubio, president of the Mexican Congress for World Patrimony Friday.

Rubio commented on the significance of the July 7 Medal to be given to Eusebio Leal Friday evening, in a gala in his honour, at the Alicia Alonso Great Theater in Havana.

‘We are filled with honour, when we congratulate such a politician, essay writer, investigator and art restorer,’

Rubio emphasized the work of Eusebio Leal clearly shows concern about children, pregnant women, elder people, tolerance with the sectors which are less favoured in the society.

‘They constitute the essence of Leal’s universal contribution in restoring and preserving Havana, as for instance Old Havana, declared a World Heritage of Mankind by the United Nations,’ said Rubio.

He explained that the medal commemorates the date of July 7, 2008, date of registration in Quebec, Canada, of the Village of San Miguel and the sanctuary of Jesus Nazareno of Atotonilco in the list of World Heritage of the Unesco.

President of the Congress meeting every year in San Miguel de Allende, Rubio noted that Leal is the first non-Mexican personality, and the sixth, who receives such recognition after Fernando Campean (2013), Demetrio Bilbatúa (2014), Eduardo Matos (2015), Cristina Pacheco and Miguel León-Portilla (2016), all of them, very prominent in the preservation of world heritage.

The Medal, described Rubio, was designed and developed by artists Maruja González Mexican and Genaro Almanza, evokes the route of silver and the mines of Guanajuato mining with the face of the Generalissimo Ignacio de Allende and Unzuaga, a stater, with Miguel Hidalgo, of the Mexican independence movement.

With our initiative to deliver in extraordinary session this award to the Historian of the City of Havana, we want to give a modest recognition to his immense work, but thanks to the splendid provision and the sponsoring of the diplomatic legationc of our country in Cuba and of the Ambassador, Enrique Martinez, the humble dream became a great event, said Rubio.


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