Honduras-Cuba Friendship Association Condemns Violence in Nicaragua

Tegucigalpa,Jun 2(Prensa Latina) The Honduras-Cuba Friendship Association condemned the wave of violence that is lashing Nicaragua today, which it described as a conspiracy.

‘Faced with the scenario of conspiracy violence promoted by the international right and the U.S. government, we condemn the imperial policy which seeks to undermine the social foundations of the project of democratic construction and transformation of Nicaraguan society’ , a statement indicates.

The Association mourns the violent deaths, the hundreds of wounded, the looting of businesses and the destruction of public property, whose main and media purpose, as it says, is to incite the overthrow of the legitimate government of President Daniel Ortega.

‘The scenarios of violence and social upheaval which are facing Nicaragua today are just another laboratory of soft or soft blows in the United States through cooperation agencies, business sectors, academic units and the influence of right-wing media,’ the document states.

Its goal, it adds, is to counter the social and economic advances of the Sandinista popular revolution in the region, which he sees as a threat to U.S. security interests.

The Association advocates the resumption of a critical and constructive national dialogue in Nicaragua to overcome the socio-political crisis and contribute to democratic governance in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We respectfully call on all sectors of society to join forces in the search for unity, national reconciliation, the construction of a culture of peace and political stability,’ the text stresses.

It also reaffirms the historic ties of friendship and brotherhood with the Nicaraguan people, united by the ideals of Francisco Morazán, Augusto C. Sandino, Simon Bolívar and José Marti, to forge the great homeland and a region of stable and lasting peace as proclaimed by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The escalation of aggressions erupted on April 18 against government reforms to social security, later repealed, but which stopped the protests, to which other political demands were added.

The Truth, Justice and Peace Commission counted up to Tuesday a total of 85 dead and 997 wounded, all subject to investigation and verification, official sources stated .

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