Hollande Pays Tribute to Fidel, Demands End of Blockade of Cuba

Paris, Nov 26 (Prensa Latina) French President François Hollande called on Saturday for an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba, after paying tribute to the late leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

In statements from Madagascar, where he is attending a summit of La Francophonie (French-speaking countries), the president stated that ‘Fidel Castro was a great figure of the 20th century, who aroused much hope with the Cuban Revolution.’

Referring to the blockade, he said that he has always considered it ‘an unacceptable unilateral decision’, and called for an end to that siege that continues punishing the Caribbean nation.

According to Hollande, Havana should be seen as a partner in the international community: ‘France has always seen Cuba as a partner,’ he noted.

After the death of the Cuban leader was announced on Friday night, many French politicians, intellectuals and organizations have reacted to the news.

French university professor and writer Salim Lamrani stated that Fidel will remain in history as ‘the architect of the national sovereignty that made his island an independent nation and defended the right of the Cuban people to dignity until the last moment of his existence.’

The France-Cuba solidarity organization expressed its condolences over the death of the revolutionary leader.

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