Historian’s Office to Rescue Historical Heritage in Camaguey, Cuba

Camagüey, Jun 8 (Prensa Latina) In the middle of the campaign ”The city I am, the city I live in”, the Office of the Historian (OHCC) of this central-eastern Cuban city inaugurated today a new sales space for the El Lugareño seal.

With a view to preserving the values that identify the historic center of a World Heritage Site, the institution is carrying out a series of actions to strengthen citizen awareness in order to ‘care for codes that define us as human groups, with so many cultural nuances,’ said the director of the OHCC, Jose Rodriguez.

The inauguration of the space for the sale of texts with the El Lugareño seal means a solid step forward in the pursuit of enhancing heritage values; the money raised will go to the Railway Thematic Museum, one of the projects being carried out in one of the first villas founded by the Spaniards in Cuba in 1514.

The El Lugareño seal, with publications of great acceptance in the most recent International Book Fair, and whose new headquarters will be in Independencia Street, located in the heritage area, will have as its main editor the National Literature Prize, Luis Alvarez.

‘Spaces like this one are essential to preserve the historical memory of a region that has given so much literature, and that says the way of speaking and expressing a distinctive intellectuality; each exponent is the set of memories that make up the popular imaginary,’ stated Rodríguez Barreras.

Unesco has declared the Camagüeyan town to be a model of human and cultural development, an example in Cuba and the Caribbean, of exceptional universal value; for this reason institutions such as the OHCC place emphasis on passing on to the new generations the responsibility of caring for the town.

Precisely among the activities carried out by the entity is the creation of the Heritage Guardians Brigade, made up of students from primary schools, as well as students from the OHCC School of Crafts and Trades, responsible for restoration work on buildings, and pieces with heritage values.

More than two decades endorse the work of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, which holds annual meetings such as the Symposium on Management and Administration of Cities which is focused on the preservation of material and immaterial memory as well as strengthening the sense of belonging in its inhabitants.

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