Help end the embargo on Cuba

Call your Member of the House of Representatives and urge them to support amendments to the Financial Services Appropriations bill that would permit travel to Cuba and expand credit for agricultural sales to Cuba. The House could vote on these amendments as early as Wednesday, June 22.

On June 16, the Senate Appropriations committee approved four amendments easing the Cuba embargo, as part of the Financial Services Appropriations Bill. House offices in the Cuba Working Group are looking to introduce similar amendments to the House Financial Services bill when it comes up on the floor this week.

Among them, an amendment to permit private financing for agricultural sales to Cuba will make it easier and cheaper for Cubans to by basic food. It will also open up new sales for American farmers. Another amendment to defund the travel ban would enable all U.S. citizens to travel freely to Cuba.

This is an important opportunity to show that there is broad support for measures to end the embargo on Cuba.

Please contact your Member of Congress today! Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your representative.

Tell him or her that you support ending the embargo on Cuba, including the Senate approved amendments that are part of the Financial Service Appropriations bill.

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