Haydee and Pablo Milanes to Give Concert in Havana

Havana, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) A selection of songs by Pablo Milanes will on Saturday revive the duet between the famous Cuban singer-songwriter and his daughter, Haydee, during a concert at Havana”s Karl Marx Theater.

The musical event will present an unpublished record, which is still in production and contains beautiful songs, including “El breve espacio en que no estas”, “Para vivir” and “Hoy estas quizas mas lejos.”

Entitled “Amor: Haydee Milanes a duo con Pablo Milanes”, the new album mix voices and one guitar in 12 songs, featuring musicians such as Raul Verdecia, Enrique Pla, Roberto Gomez, Guillermo del Toro and Frank Rubio, among others.

According to Haydee, to choose songs from Pablo’s vast repertoire was very difficult.

Pablo Milanes is one of the founders of Cuba’s New Song Movement. In 2015, he received a Honorary Latin Grammy Award.

The young singer does not rule out the possibility of recording a second CD with songs composed by her father. She even referred to the possibility of performing in Cuba and abroad.

During the concert, director Alejandro Gutierrez will record a DVD to testify this great musical romance between father and daughter.

With an unmistakable style marked by interpretive timidity and jazz nuances, Haydee grew up in contact with her father’s songs and at an early age she became interested in music.

The album “Palabras,” in which Haydee pays tribute to Cuban composer Marta Valdes by singing some of her songs, stands out among her latest recording projects.


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