Havana urges Colombia to state its position on new US anti-Cuban action

Bruno cuba

Havana, June 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuba urged Colombia this Monday to state its official position on the inclusion of Havana in the US list of countries that ‘do not fully cooperate’ in US anti-terrorism efforts.

The statement issued by Cuba’s Foreign Ministry asks the Duque government to also make clear the role and position of its officials in previous exchanges with the US in this regard.

On May 13, the US State Department included Cuba in its unilateral list under the excuse of the presence in Havana of members of the peace delegation of the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN).

Cuba described the accusation as weak, dishonest, nonsense and ‘facilitated by the ungrateful attitude of the Colombian government.’ In this regard, the island denounced that that same day the High Commissioner for Peace of Colombia, Miguel Ceballos, publicly stated that the decision was a ‘boost’ to the Duque government and his ‘insistent request’ for Cuba to deliver the guerrillas.

Cuba has maintained its support for the peace of Colombia unchanged and works from its condition of guarantor on the implementation of the Peace Agreement between Colombia’s government and the FARC-EP, even though Bogota does not guarantee the protection of the agreement, nor does it guarantee its compliance, underscored the Foreign Ministry’s statement.


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