Havana to Concentrate All the Art in HABANARTE Festival

Havana, Aug 29.- More than 500 cultural activities distributed in 70 places as hosts, will take the Habanarte Festival into 9 days with a program with all arts included, the organizers said Friday.

The Venezuelan band La Dimension Latina will open the meeting on 3 September with a big concert in the capital’s National Theatre Sala Avellaneda, with Cuban Adalberto Alvarez y su Son and Isaac Delgado.

There will also be a presentation by CJ Ramone, former member of the punk band The Ramones on 12 and 13 September, at the Maxim Rock and the ALBA Cultural House, respectively.

Colombian salsa orchestra La Ley and the Argentine duo TIK among the international guests that offer their music Habanarte scenarios.

“Under the premise of all art, the project focuses on a short period of time and the wide range of art forms that come together in this capital,” said Deputy Culture Minister Fernando Rojas.

Although it is a young event looking to consolidate, is a kind of showcase and is also intended to raise revenue based on maintaining the scaffolding, he said.

Habanarte aims to give opportunity of meeting foreign demonstrations of local culture, but their offers cover also a national audience, with special emphasis on young people and students, Rojas said.

During his 10-day circuit locked rooms in central Avenue Line will host the stage effects of groups across the country.

Meanwhile, the space dedicated to the arts is a kind of echo of the recently concluded Havana Biennial: personal galleries and shops open their doors again to contemporary creation of the island

Workshops on the history of Cuban cinema, cartoons and projections of cinema anthologies tapes make up the playground. proposals dedicated to the work on the big screen.

Presentations of outstanding securities will be made in the literary scene in recent years, with the presence of the authors.

From September 3 to 13 visitors will converge with theater, music, visual arts, dance, film and literature.

The Paradiso cultural tourism agency promotes programming that quote in other countries and is already confirmed the attendance of more than 300 thousand foreign visitors, interested in the proposal.(Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, August 29, 2015

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