Havana Theater Festival to present plays from more than 10 countries

Havana, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) The 18th Havana Theater Festival on October 19 through 27 will include 14 plays from more than 10 countries, organizers announced.

Artists from Spain, Sweden, France, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan and the Dominican Republic will share experiences with their Cuban counterparts, in the event in which the 500th anniversary of Havana will be celebrated.

On occasion of the 90 years of playwright Vicente Revuelta, the festival will dedicate him relevant proposals such as the Berliner Ensemble and Cuba exhibition, in which the documentation of the Cuban actor and the German company founded by Bertolt Brecht will be displayed.

Fernando Rojas, president of the National Council for the Performing Arts, highlighted the rigor and quality in the national company as an expression of the best within the theater production emerged in Cuba.

In addition to theatrical performances, the event will propose a lecture by Peruvian playwright Miguel Rubio, founding director of Las Tablas group, the production and theatrical direction and one-person shows.

During the event, the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba will grant the Raquel Revuelta International Prize, to honor the outstanding actress who, along with her brother Vicente, introduced the universal teaching method of Russian playwright Konstantin Stanislavski in Cuba.


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