Havana II Film Festival in Portuguese Concludes

Havana, May 13 (Prensa Latina) The screening today of the film Florbela in the 23rd and 12th Cinema of this capital, puts an end to the 2nd Portuguese Language Film Festival, which is being held since the 9th of this month.

Directed by Vicente Alves do Ã’, the film is based on the life of Florbela Espanca, a poet of the early twentieth century ahead of her time who renounces her way of life to please her new husband after two failed marriage.

The 2012 award was nominated the following year for Best Ibero-American Film at the 27th edition of the Goya Awards, a prize it lost in front of the Cuban-Spanish co-production Juan de los Muertos.

Florbela will be on screen at 20:00, local time, and three hours before will be screened ‘El Testamento del Senor Mapumoceno, a film based on the homonymous novel by the Cape Verdean writer Germano Almeida.

The 2nd Festival of Cinema in Portuguese Language was inserted among the activities developed in Cuba for the day for the World Day of that language, which is celebrated on May 5.

During the festival, films from Brazil, Portugal, Timor Leste, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique were be on the screen, an initiative possible thanks to the joint work of the Cinemateca de Cuba and the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries, among other institutions.

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