Havana docu showcases ‘One Love’ synergy

American executive producers Ray Chew, Vivian Chew, Cape Verdean deejay and vocalist Anane Vega, Jamaican dancehall artist Red Foxx, Cuban singer Xiomara Laugart, (rear) Cuban pianist and composer Axel Tosca and r&b composer, vocalist Josh Milan.

Last week, an 80-minute documentary titled “Two Beats One Soul” premiered in New York to a select crowd of insiders who witnessed first-hand, the making of an album on the island of Cuba.

Featuring footage captured by the lens of filmmaker / director Billie Woodruff, the too-short visual feast compliments the audio treat already released in tribute to one of the world’s most admired Caribbean locations.

Showcasing theaqua, blue Caribbean Sea, time-honored, well-preserved vintage cars, monuments throughout the island-capital, the personal visa offers a visual keep-sake of the “One Love” experience a diverse assembly of musicians shared while beating a deadline to record an entire album there in two weeks.

Talents from Puerto Rico, the Cape Verde Islands, Jamaica, the USA and Cuba toiled non-stop, around the clock in Havana to complete the project envisioned by Ray and Vivian Chew.

According to the executive producers acclaimed for helming separate and joint initiatives in order to execute an idea they collaborated to engage less than a year ago, they partnered with Mark and Kathy Grier to travel to the formerly forbidden island to US tourists and American business interests.

The couple’s aim was to fulfill a challenging mission most corporations, record companies and millionaires might not have encouraged or embarked.

Alleged to be the brainchild of Vivian who first visited the Spanish island in 1999 returning on and off five times until 2016 — she proposed that her husband Ray record an album on the revolutionary location renowned for defying America’s dictates.

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