Havana Club’s Rum Sales Goes Up in the World

Havana, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) The joint venture Havana Club International (HCI) announced today that it expects to sell 4.5 million cases of nine-liter bottles by the end of this year.

An interview issued by the Cuban business weekly, ‘Options,’ points out that such figure constitutes the sustained annual growth of sales of this luxury product, which is in high demand in the domestic and foreign market.

The general director of HCI, French Christian Barré, added that the most important thing is the growth in values.

He said that such indicator keeps him in permanent vision of development, because they are more interested in increasing value and making it superior to the physical volume in boxes.

He explained that in the first days of the year Cuban market registered a very positive situation in sales, with double-digit growth, on a par with the rise of foreign tourism in the country, when Havana Club benefits a lot with this upward trend.

He commented that in the most recent years they carried out an important work at the level of the commercial network by the sellers of his company in the different provinces.

He stressed that they also work in exports and take advantage of current trends in the main international markets of Premium rum consumers that are getting better quality.

He insisted that they maintain effort in the distribution of the Havana Club 7 Years, which has a very strong growth, especially in the value, without forgetting the rise of Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum.

The current sales of the company Havana Club have a dynamic growth mainly in Germany, Cuba and France, although the Cuban market turns out the highest increase, in which has a special welcome the spirited Selection of Teachers.

This demand is achieved when Cuba registers record numbers in the arrival of travelers, an indicator that closed last year with 4,700,000 visitors.

According to Barré, other important recipients of Havana Club’s products are the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, as well as Canada, Mexico and Russia, while HCI reinforces its presence in China and Japan, while exploring other new destinations such as, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

He illustrated that events such as the Havana Club Grand Prix International contributes to accentuate the credibility of Cuban cocktail bars internationally, and pointed out that consumers are now more selective.

In relation to his company’s investments in the island, the executive expressed that they will continue to rise in line with the additional income generated by sales.

He corroborated that HCI boozes, a joint venture created in 1993, are present in markets of 125 nations, as a result of the union between the Cuba Ron Corporation and the French group Pernod Ricard.

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