Havana and Its 498 Years, Capital and Insignia

Havana, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) This city full of tourists these days, today has much to offer judging by the reports of the Cuban authorities of the leisure industry.

And such proposals are reinforced today when tomorrow the village meets its 498 years, two left to meet its 500 and therefore with a permanent memory in experts, tour operators and everyday passers-by, whether foreigners or Cubans.

In an increasingly growing spiral of Cuban tourism, Havana occupies a primordial step, not only due to official declarations, but also to the criterion repeated today by travelers arriving from all over the world.

This is so, that one of the current concerns of the Tourism Ministry (Mintur) of this country, tour operators and travel agents is to increase the accommodation capacity in this city.

Founded in 1519, its anniversaries are time for the level to rise extremely high levels of attractions, and many people want to reach the island, first to know its capital.

These criteria, collected among experts, researchers and officials of the Mintur (in addition to tourists), point to an extremely cosmopolitan Havana, with a lot of world attention, but in need of more places to overnight,because the existing are packed.

This city has 12 ,079 rooms in hotels and a large investment plan is executed to increase such proposals. Cuba as a whole exceeds 67,000 rooms, adding 22,000 private rooms (non-state managers).

Last year, this archipelago received 4.2 million foreign visitors, and aims for 4.7 million at the end of this year.

Therefore, Havana as the spearhead of insular tourism, guarantees attention, the variety of cultural and historical offers and the desire of many vacationers to move to other parts of the insular geography, hence its importance.

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