Habano Festival Opens Debates of International Seminar

Havana, Feb 2 (Prensa Latina) As part of the 18th Habano Festival, the International Seminar begins today, time in which organizers propose talks, master lectures, and tastings of Cuban Premium cigars. Indeed, the focus of this meeting is on the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba brand, the first one after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and one of the most popular and symbolic brands of the portfolio of the international corporation Habanos S.A.

Within that brand, the most luxurious one is Cohiba Behike with numbered boxes and a very extremely quality, therefore in the halls of the Conference Center in Havana, where the Festival takes place, one of the debates of the delegates tend to this kind of cigar.

For some experts, this is the most exclusive Cuban cigar of all times, outstanding feature.

Cohiba Behike emerges in three formats, BHK 52, BHK 54, and BHK 56, with a price higher than the average (a good Cuban cigar could cost in certain markets more than 50 Euros).

Such production is extremely limited and incorporates in its blend (mixture), in the three cigar bands (kind of cigar), tobacco leaves called “Medio tiempo” that grants an exceptional character and flavor. For others, a ring with two high-security identification holograms is added.

Cohiba was founded in 1966, this is the most prestigious brand of the Habanos S.A. portfolio, and that name comes from an aboriginal instrument with which the original inhabitants of this island lit the leaves, elements witnessed by Spanish explorers in 1492.

Other issues in the portfolio during the Seminar of the Festival is the way of twisting a pure, the features, and where the quality of those cigars lies.


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