Guyana Appreciates Role of Cuba in Training Physicians

Guantanamo, Cuba June 20 ( Prensa Latina) The Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Cuba, Heather Seelochan, expressed her gratitude in Guantanamo this Thursday for the island’s collaboration in training the future doctors of her nation.

A delegation also made up of the Financial Attache, Millicent Rose and Student Affairs Attache, Mellisa A. Corlette-Sengwe, visited this morning the University of Medical Sciences of Guantanamo and exchanged with Guyanese students who are studying in that center, located in the easternmost of the Cuban provinces.

The diplomats expressed the gratitude of their government and their people to the local authorities for their attention to the students and assured that the training of these future doctors will strengthen relations between the two countries.

Shalita Devi Appadu , who spoke on behalf of the students, acknowledged the work and preparation of the teachers of that institution, as well as the support received by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples in the territory and the Guantanamo authorities.

In the exchange, the Rector of Medical Sciences, Nuria Perez, highlighted the internationalist commitment of this center that celebrates 40 years since its creation.

The University of Medical Sciences currently has a total of 5,722 students, 57 of them foreigners, and since 2002 it has graduated 705 doctors from other countries.


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