Guyana Advocates at UN for Lifting of Blockade on Cuba

United Nations, Sep 28 (Prensa Latina) The Vice President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Carl B. Greenidge, called on Friday during his address to the UN General Assembly to lift the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba.

Greenidge reaffirmed his country’s position by saying that ‘we join the overwhelming majority of the international community in calling for the lifting of the trade and economic blockade against our sister Cuba.’

That policy ‘frustrates the Cuban people’s right to development and material well-being,’ the Guyana Foreign Minister said in his speech to the audience at the United Nations at at the 73rd session of the U.N. General Assembly.

Greenidge also spoke in favour of a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he says must be solved with the creation of two states.

‘These two peoples have much to gain from peaceful coexistence. The people of Palestine, including the inhabitants of Gaza, like the people everywhere, have the right to life and to a dignified existence in their own homeland,’ he noted.

He also referred to the Rohinya people, calling on the international community to take action to ensure respect for their human rights, and saluted Bangladesh’s efforts to provide protection to the refugees of this ethnic group from Myanmar. The senior official also highlighted his country’s commitment to the principles of sustainable development, Agenda 2030, and working with the international community to fight climate change, especially sea level rise.

The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly concludes on October 1st.

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