Guatemala’s HR Commission describes Cuban medical brigade as hero

Guatemala, Dec 11 (Prensa Latina) The Human Rights Commission of Guatemala’s Congress has described Cuban medical brigade as hero in the fight against Covid-19.

The tribute to over 400 Cuban healthcare professionals distinguishes ‘the dedication and sacrifice shown in the front line of fighting against the pandemic, protecting the right to life and health of Guatemalans,’ along with temporary and public hospitals, as well as humanitarian institutions.

Jordan Rodas, Human Rights Prosecutor, presented the plaque to the national coordinator of the Cuban medical brigade, Dr. Ernesto Jimenez, and to three of its members, representing those who for 22 years have been covering the most faraway places of the national geography in 16 of the country’s 22 departments.

‘We admire them, we respect them and we consider them essential here and particularly in the fight against Covid-19,’ Rodas expressed to the Cuban physicians, with an outstanding participation in the actions against the pandemic and in support to the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance in nine months of health emergency.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the president of the Human Rights Commission of Congress, Orlando Blanco, highlighted the work of men and women who have come from afar to help the people without regard to sacrifices and at the risk of their own lives.

A country devastated by Hurricane Mitch in November 1998 received the first Cuban healthcare professionals, who paved the way for a permanent humanitarian cooperation which has lasted til nowadays despite internal campaigns to try to discredit a work extolled by its main beneficiaries, the most remote and forgotten communities and villages.

Up to 2020, the Cuban medical brigade registers 332,472 lives saved, as well as over 47 million cases seen, while of great impact are the almost 219,000 free cataract surgeries as part of Operation Miracle in its four ophthalmologic centers nationwide.


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