Guatemala’s Committee requests Nobel for Cuban medical brigades

Guatemala, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) The Guatemalan Pro-Nobel Peace Prize Committee for the Henry Reeve Medical Contingent joined on Friday the voices that support Cuba’s historic solidarity work.

On a press briefing in this capital, various social organizations, indigenous peoples and lawmakers of political parties officially presented the proposal of nomination of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Situations of Disasters and Serious Epidemics to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

The Committee highlighted the role of Cuban healthcare professionals in fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, and their disinterested presence in over 30 countries.

In their argument, they recalled that in Guatemala for over 22 years, Cuban medical brigades have spared no effort to provide services without any kind of profit, but motivated by a historic and tireless spirit of internationalism despite the serious risks to their lives.

Created in 2005, the Henry Reeve provided its first assistance in Guatemala in the wake of the disaster provoked by Storm Stan, when 688 members arrived here to support the work of their colleagues of the central Medical Brigade.

Among the reasons for opting for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Guatemalan Committee mentioned the role of the contingent in several countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa, particularly during the Ebola epidemic, and now against the Covid-19 pandemic.


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