Guantanamo Remembers Beginning of the US Military Occupation

Guantánamo, Cuba, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) A day like today 120 years ago US Marines raised their flag for the first time in this territory, as a prelude to the establishment, five years later, of the first US military base on foreign soil.

As a reminder to such an ignominious event, The Jose Marti Cultural Society, the Union of Historians and writers and artists are currently conducting workshops, talks and other activities that have as their central theme ‘Guantanamo is not the naval base.’

Among the most important will be the presentation tomorrow of the book ‘Guantánamo and American Empire; The Humanities Respond,’ volume recently published in English by the Palgrave Macmillan publishing company, by American scholars Don E Walicek and Jessica Adams, where the history of Guantánamo and the relationship of its inhabitants with the military enclave are explored in 12 chapters.

The work analyzes the phenomenon from an interdisciplinary perspective, including eight chapters of academic essays, two stories and four poems by Ana Luz García and José Ramón Sánchez from Guantánamo, respectively, Walicek told Prensa Latina.

As part of the research process, I made two visits to this city and went to the prison at the naval base, on the first visit I met Guantánamo historian José Sánchez, writer Ana Luz, and José Ramón and asked them to join this project, he said.

It was Jessica who proposed me to start this work, he confessed to Prensa Latina, in which there are also original academic essays written by researchers such as Laurie Frederik, Jana Lipman, A. Naomi Paik and Esther Whitfield, who have already published other works about Guantánamo.

The cover of the book is an old photograph that shows the moment when the US flag is first hoisted on Guantánamo soil, which still waves in the illegally occupied territory in the vicinity of Guantanamo Bay.

As part of the activities, a workshop on the military enclave, which will analyze the historical background of the US occupation in Guantanamo, impact on the locality and other research on the subject, will be held on that same day, at the University of Medical Sciences.

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