Government of Venezuela looks after victims of economic war

Caracas, Feb 29 (Prensa Latina) The Government of Venezuela continues with the deployment of the Comprehensive Care Plan for the Victims of the Economic War to seek solutions to the needs of vulnerable people.

With the purpose of guaranteeing the food security of the Venezuelan people, more than 5,000 families received protein foods through eight so-called Sovereign Field Fairs in the state of Cojedes, as highlighted by the website of the Ministry of Food.

The government created 33 Local Supply and Production Committees to avoid food deficiencies among the population, in coordination with the public serving places of the Food Market Network, the Protein Trading Company and the Bolivarian National Militia.

Implemented last year, the Comprehensive Care Plan for the Victims of the Economic War includes the protection for homeless people, food for vulnerable communities and health programs, in order to defend the development model promoted by the Venezuelan State during the last few years.

Given the resurgence of the economic and financial blockade by the US administration of Donald Trump, the levels of inclusion reached by the Bolivarian Revolution constitute the target of Washington’s aggressions to undermine the country’s social bases.

This plan seeks to prevent the blockade and war, responsible for restricting access to essential resources, goods and services, from impacting the population.


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