Global Support for Venezuela in Rejection of US Blockade

Caracas, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) More than fifty countries expressed their rejection of the U.S. blockade against Venezuela in recent days, reported on Monday William Castillo, deputy foreign minister in charge of International Communications.

He highlighted the support of the international community for this South American nation through the campaign #NoMasTrump, or #NoMoreTrump, which began August 10 with a mobilization in Caracas and which was joined by thousands of demonstrators inside and outside the country.

It is a great solidarity movement, of internationalism, the nations of the world are supporting us, commented Castillo during his participation in the Cafe en la Mañana program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television. During his speech, he expressed that ‘Anyone who feels a little bit of love for this country can come and sign, demonstrate and say to the United Nations and to the world: Donald Trump, enough of attacking us!’ 

He recalled that this campaign, lasting until September 10, in rejection of the unilateral measures taken by the United States against the country, will be accompanied by a document that will be presented to the United Nations (UN), calling for an end to the blockade.

Hands off Venezuela! shouts were heard on Saturday in front of the White House in Washington, where members of organizations such as the Coalition Answer and Code Pink protested and called for the lifting of punitive sanctions against this country.

Movements from Chile, Russia, Uruguay, Bolivia, South Africa, Mexico, Haiti, the United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, among others, joined the World Day of Protest.

On Sunday, President Nicolas Maduro thanked the people who are in favor of the Venezuelan Revolution for their demonstrations of love and solidarity.

‘We are determined to continue the battle for the defense of our freedom and self-determination. We will win together,’ the president tweeted.


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