Gio: Cosmos have gotten nothing but praise for Cuba trip

Earlier this week the Cosmos made headlines when they officially announced they were going to play Cuba in a game in Havana on June 2.

The reaction to their trip has been nothing but positive.

“For the people that I know in soccer everyone is just in some way wishing us a lot of luck, telling us what a great decision to travel and play in this historical match,” Cosmos head coach Giovanni Savarese said. “Everyone has expressed a very positive remark. So far it’s been all good. So there is nothing negative that I could even say because we haven’t received anything from any soccer people that I know.

“I am talking about not only from the United States, but as well as overseas. There is a very good feeling about this trip and that its the New York Cosmos that is making it.”

Asked whether the North American Soccer League team would take guest players to the match, Savarese replied, “It is very difficult to say now. If I had to give a traditional answer, I would tell you no right now. But it’s still a lot of months ahead. We have to see a roster. Injuries. We’ll have to evaluate the moment we’re making a decision.”

Big Apple Soccer, March 20, 2015

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