Germany Continues Activities of Tribute to Fidel Castro

Berlin, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of Germans and members of the diplomatic corps signed books of condolences for the death of Fidel Castro in the Cuban Embassy in this capital.

Meanwhile, the caucus of the German leftwing party started their weekly by having a minute of silence for the Cuban Revolution historical leader.

‘I ask you to stand up so that we remember the name of Fidel Castro for one minute’, said Sahra Wagenknecht, the President of the Socialist Group in the Bundestag, Lower House of the Parliament.

Another Deputy, Richard Pitterle, lifted up a Cuban flag.

The spokesperson for foreign policy of the leftwing party, Wolfgang Gehrcke, traveled to Cuba to participate in the official ceremony in the Revolution Square in Havana.

Meanwhile, solidarity groups and migrants organizations announced a commemorative event to pay tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution in Berlin this Saturday.

There will also be several German and American songwriters like Quena Tapia, Frank Viehweg, Nicolas Miquea and Anna von Rohden, a classical pianist.


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