Germans urge for approval of China’s, Russia’s and Cuba’s vaccines

Germans urge for approval of China's, Russia's and Cuba's vaccines

Berlin, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) A group of German activists on Monday urged for the rapid approval of vaccines against Covid-19 created by China, Russia and Cuba for use worldwide.

‘We urgently need international cooperation and solidarity!’ the peace group Berlin against War (Berlin-gegen-Krieg) wrote in a letter available on the Internet in German, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Vaccines must ultimately become global assets. They must belong to all humankind, the organization said, noting that the use of those vaccines could well make up for verified shortfalls in supply in various regions.

‘A pandemic can only be overcome globally. We need international solidarity in this crisis,’ commented the group, inviting Internet users to join the appeal.

After calling for the Russian and Chinese vaccines to be licensed immediately, one of the four from Cuba will begin clinical phase III in March, the group argued that the healthcare interests of the populations of Western countries should not suffer and be instrumentalized in the midst of the ongoing geopolitical power struggle.

‘In the context of the dramatic escalation of tensions between the United States, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries and their allies vis-a-vis Russia, China and other countries, intensive cooperation could even help to mitigate this very dangerous situation,’ the organization underscored.


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