From Europe, Cubans Raise Their Voices against the US Blockade


Paris, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) Participants in the XIII Meeting of Cuban Residents in Europe (ECRE) today raise their voice against the US blockade of the Caribbean country, said the president of Cubabel, the event”s organizing association, Menia Martínez.

‘We will continue fighting against the blockade. Soon there will be a new vote on the issue at the United Nations and we want our voice to be heard from Europe against this blockade that hurts so much the Cuban people and the Cubans who live abroad, ‘he told the press.

Organized by the Association of Cuban Residents in Belgium (Cubabel), the ECRE takes place this weekend in Brussels with the presence of about 200 participants from almost 20 countries.

Martinez recalled that the first regional event in Europe took place in Paris with the assistance of only a few nations, but over time the scope has expanded significantly. ‘We have always taken fruitful ideas and good analyzes on how to help our country from abroad,’ he said.

He also mentioned that prior to this year’s meeting; they went to the European Parliament to explain issues such as the impact of the blockade maintained by Washington for almost 60 years.

Another issue addressed in the European Parliament was the willingness of Cubans living in Europe to support the island, he explained, which is now evident during the referendum on the draft new Constitution, in which those living abroad are also participating. .

The current edition of the ECRE will end this Sunday and a delegation from the island, made up of the deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, Lizzete Martínez Luzardo and the troubadour Raúl Torres, as well as the director of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated. , Ernesto Soberón.

Addressing those present, Soberón declared that the strengthening of ties between Cuba and its nationals living abroad is continuous and irreversible.

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