From Camagüey, Cuban scientists issue call to join systematic efforts to plan for climate change

Camagüey, March 15 (Radio Cadena Agramonte) – The Task Life, State plan for climate change in Cuba, requires multisectoral effort and the systematic analysis of the implementation of actions; pointed out in Camagüey Elba Rosa Perez Montoya, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

The holder of the branch value, next to the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the province, the development here of the strategies until 2020, and explained that although are considered long-term goals, there are stages to overcome almost immediately.

In the case of Camagüey, pointed out that there are three priorities for the date indicated: the recovery of beaches, the aquifers, and the conservation of soils of saline intrusion, which undermine food production.

Perez Montoya, meant that the task is the responsibility not only of the Ministry, but of all the agencies, and don’t miss a minute in its execution.

“Camagüey has well-conceived its plan, and can comply with the actions planned until 2020, but it is necessary to continue forward in practice”.

In her speech, Lisbet Font Vila, head of the Environmental Unit of the delegation of CITMA in Camagüey, said that for the 2050 are forecast serious problems in terms of the penetration of the sea in Beach Florida, in the village of that name; Guanaja, Esmeralda and Bonita, in Santa Cruz del Sur; in both, half a century later, the same thing will happen in Puerto Piloto, in Sierra de Cubitas and in Punta de Ganado and La Boca, Nuevitas.

“The hurricane Irma served to validate the priority areas that had already been identified at risk,” said Font Vila, to which she added the Minister who “were tested in practice the vulnerabilities, not only in the coastal part, but in the territories, who are suffering, for example, the danger of flooding by heavy rains”.

Another edge in which is worked in Camagüey as part of the State’s plan for climate change, is the identification of illegalities in those areas. According to MET, to date, have declared three beaches free of them, and another is in the process of completion, with the active participation of the Directorate of Physical Planning.

For the current year, pointed Font Vila, is matched with the Ministry of Tourism the rehabilitation and maintenance of access to different facilities in the spa in Santa Lucia, and advocated the strengthening of the natural barriers for coastal protection.

In this regard, the Minister of CITMA commented that the greatest amount of mangrove forests to restore or plant on the island, lies in Camagüey, which is another priority in the Task Life at the country level.

The implementation of the plan of the Cuban State requires timely follow-up, conscious participation of citizens and collective consciousness of that climate change is a reality not of the future, but the present, as in Cuba every year, backs up the coastline 1.2 meters approximately and increases the average temperature 0.9 degrees Celsius. (Photo by the author)

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