Friends in Saint Lucia support Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

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Castries, May 26 (Prensa Latina) The Saint Lucia-Cuba Humanistic Association of Solidarity expressed its support for the proposal to grant the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban medical personnel who are fighting Covid-19.

On its Twitter account, the Cuban Embassy in Saint Lucia noted the friends’ support for the international campaign that proposes the Henry Reeve Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize, as an acknowledgement of its effort in the fight against the pandemic.

The declaration issued by the Association describes as invaluable the work of the Cuban health professionals who make up the collaboration contingent and contribute to the wellbeing of people in situations of disaster and epidemic emergencies.

The group acknowledged the care and medical interventions in needy countries and communities, demonstrating that health can be established in a definite and permanent manner worldwide, as an inalienable right.

In the communiqué, the association of friends highlighted Cuba’s strengths to overcome the obstacles of the US-imposed blockade and save millions of lives all over the world.

The group expressed pride for supporting the initiative and ratified the values of brotherhood and solidarity that have united the two countries.

On March 27, 113 members of the Henry Reeve Brigade arrived in Saint Lucia, and after 14 days of preventive quarantine, they are treating Covid-19 patients.

Medical cooperation between Cuba and Saint Lucia started in February, 19 years ago, as an expression of more than four decades of diplomatic relations.


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