Friends from 32 nations will participate in May Day Parade in Havana

Friends from 32 nations will participate in May Day Parade in Havana


April 20 (Radio Rebelde) The 300 members of the XIII May Day International Solidarity Brigade will arrive in Cuba next Monday 23rd to share with the people and participate in the parade for the World Day of the Proletariat, in the José Martí Revolution Square, in this capital city.

A note from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP) states that these friends of Cuba come from 32 countries and will also attend the traditional solidarity meeting, scheduled for May 2 at the Havana Convention Center.

During their 15-day stay on the island, activists will pay homage to student leader Julio Antonio Mella, Heroic Guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara and Army Major General Ignacio Agramonte.

The brigade will also carry out volunteer work, hold exchanges with workers and members of mass organizations, and visit educational, historical and cultural centers in Havana, Artemisa, Villa Clara and Camagüey.

ICAP reported that the most numerous representations come from Latin America (103 brigadistas from 13 nations) and North America (76 from the United States and 22 from Canada).

Upon their arrival on Monday 23rd at the Julio Antonio Mella international camp in Caimito, Artemisa province, their usual accommodation base, they will attend the official welcome ceremony which will lead to a conference on the process of the general elections in Cuba and an exchange with deputies and delegates of provincial assemblies of People’s Power.

Other issues that activists will learn about include the updating of the Cuban economic model, the challenges of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island, and passages in the history of the Cuban Revolution.

The brigade’s Final Declaration will be released on Friday, May 4, and its members will leave the following day for their respective countries, according to the ICAP note.

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